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本インタビューは、大田区・洗足池にある伊郷さんのお店「たこ焼 笛吹」にて、「発見の会」や「渋さ知らズ」に関わってきた氏が見たこと、聞いたことを2022年2月ごろから少しずつ聞いてまとめたものです。

Toshiyuki Igo talks about “Hakken no kai” and the events surrounding it (1)

– Focusing on the 1960s and 1970s.

“Hakken no kai” was an underground theatre company founded in the 1960s by Ryosuke Uryu and others who belonged to the Shingeki theatre troupe, which originated at the end of the Meiji era. Some may nod their heads in agreement when they hear the name of the musical group Shibusasakizu, which developed out of this group.
Some people have spent time with this troupe and orchestra since the late 1960s. Toshiyuki Igo runs an octopus dumpling shop near Senzokuike Station on the Ikegami Line.
Mr Ito, who also appears in this performance of Taisho Tenya Wanya, explores what kind of people he met and what he saw in Tokyo, where he spent time with many different kinds of expressionists, and explores some of the chaotic conditions of the times, which may overlap with the present.

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This interview is a compilation of what Mr Igo saw and heard at his shop Takoyaki Fuefuki in Senzokuike, Ota-ku, Tokyo, from around February 2022, after gradually hearing what he saw and heard from his involvement in the “Hatsukennokai” and “Shibusasakizu”.

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